Medium Frequency AC Transformer

It adopts closed structure design, high strength, compact structure, light weight, low maintenance cost, especially suitable for the application of integrated manual welding pliers and welding robot welding pliers The transformer is equipped with temperature protection, secondary voltage and secondary current sensors, which improves the benefit and accuracy of welding.

Product Advantages

High beam quality and excellent anti - reaction

Compact and strong design

Electro-optical efficiency >35%

Maintenance-free operation and easy operation


Compact Structure And Light Weight


Over Temperature Protection


Flexible Manufacturing


Custom Development

Product Parameters

Medium Frequency AC Transformer
Power Rating(KVA) 54 / 61 / 76
Input Voltage 15~400Hz , PWM 500V
Output no-load voltage AC7.1V / AC8V / AC10V
Duty Cycle(ED) 50%
Maximum short circuit current (KA) 20.4
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Secondary Feedback Yes

Application Display