Laser Soldering Machine

Laser soldering machine is a kind of brazing method which uses laser as heat source and non-contact molten tin material to make welded parts fit tightly. PW laser tin welding system adopts split design, separate the welding system and control system, composed of automatic tin wire feeding system, optical lens system, laser control system, etc., can be freely mounted on the production line, three-axis platform, experimental platform. CCD process monitoring to ensure the consistency and qualification rate of welding process.

Product Advantages


Precision Welding


Over Temperature Protection


High Welding Consistency


Welding Preset Mode


Low Requirements For Welders

Product Parameters

Laser Soldering Machine
Laser Power (W) 100
Laser Wavelength (nm) 976±10
Fiber Length (m) 10 (standard configuration)
Operating Mode Continuous/Modulation
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Working Environment Temperature (°C) 10-40
Working Environment Humidity (%) <70
Storage Ambient Temperature (°C) -10~60
Input Voltage  Single-phase AC 220V±10%
Dimensions (mm) 800x585x830
Equipment Weight (Kg) 30

Application Display