SAI Series Medium Frequency Precision Resistance Welding Machine

Intelligent precision welding system adopts advanced medium frequency inverter technology, equipped with medium frequency inverter resistance welding controller, can be built-in transformer or external water cooled transformer, control precision 0.1ms precise control of welding procedures and processes, can adjust the current and on-time in a wide range, and can obtain multi-pulse specifications. Widely used in low-voltage electrical appliances, all kinds of copper and silver contacts; Microconnection of PCB board and sensor.

Product Advantages


Match Touch Screen


Current Accuracy 10A


Control Precision 0.1ms


Mobile APP Real-time Monitoring


Precise Control Of Welding Heat

Product Parameters

SAI Series Medium Frequency Precision Welder
Input Voltage Single-phase AC 220V±10% / 3phase AC 220V~480V±10%
Output Voltage  1000Hz / 5000Hz / 10000Hz / 15~2500Hz , PWM 350~500V
Duty Cycle(ED) 10%
Maximum Output Current (A) 200
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Weld Schedule 16 / 128
Control Method  KSR/KUR/PHA
Secondary Feedback Yes
Solenoid Valve Control  24
Proportional Valve Control 0~10V / 4-20mA / 0~20mA
Ethernet Function No
Fieldbus Option RS422/WIFI

Application Display