Stored Energy Welding Controller

The advanced electronic voltage elevation technology, and constant-current charging circuit technology is used to store electric energy on the capacitor, and the pressure mechanism makes the capacitor discharge to the work-piece instantaneously, melting the contact metal, releasing the welding current of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of amperes in a short time, so that the heat loss is small and the welding parts are more perfect. Especially suitable for welding nuts, and where the grid power supply is insufficient.

Product Advantages


Low Demand On The Grid,Uniform Load


High Quality Welds


Stable Current Output


Consistent Penetration


Ideal For Projection Welding

Product Parameters

SCD Series Storaged Energy Resistance Welding Controller
Input Voltage 3phase AC 110V~480V±10%
Output Voltage 15~400Hz ,PWM1000V
Duty Cycle(ED) 10%
Energy (KJ) 10 / 20 / 30 / 40
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Weld Schedule 32 / 128
Control Method KSR/KUR/PHA/SAIRS
Secondary Feedback Yes
Solenoid Valve Control  24
Proportional Valve Control 0~10V / 4-20mA / 0~20mA
Ethernet Function No
Fieldbus Option RS422

Application Display