Valeo 800V technical product group: electric drive/motor/inverter, etc

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   Valeo's latest 800V technology incorporates a complete, demand-based portfolio, including eAxle drives, eMotor motors, Inverter Inverter, OBC chargers, and DC/DC converters.

Valeo's new fifth generation Inverter expandable platform is suitable for 400V to 800V voltage, 300Arms to 650Arms phase current; Combined with optimized SiC Mosfet (silicon carbide field effect tube) technology, including 800V DC booster function, the motor windings can be used to charge 800V electric vehicles at 400V DC charging station. Valeo has architected the power conversion control system, including power modules, DC link capacitors and drivers, to meet AC/DC power conversion and cooling plate requirements.

Valeo's fourth generation OBC onboard charger platform will also be suitable for 800V, with power of 11kW and 22kW respectively, providing other features such as two-way charging. The new OBCs can be customized with layout design, connectors and software. The technology is compatible with national standards and requirements, 1 phase or 3 phase, and can integrate DC/DC converter and PDU power distribution unit.

(Credit: Pacific Auto Network)