In February, Changan Deep Blue SL03 delivered 4103 units, with a cumulative delivery of 37,328 units

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On March 1, Changan Deep Blue announced that in February 2023, the delivery of Changan Deep Blue SL03 was 4,103 units, compared to the January delivery of 6,137 units, a 33% month-on-month decline, so far the total delivery has been 37,328 units.

The Deep Blue SL03 hit the market in July 2022 and received tens of thousands of orders just 33 minutes after its price was announced. In December last year, deliveries of the Deep Blue SL03 exceeded 10,000, reaching 11,650 units.

The Changan Deep Blue SL03 delivery decline, perhaps related to the announcement of price increases.

Last December, Changan Deep Blue announced a price adjustment, starting from January 1, 2023, the pure electric version of the SL03 and the extended-range version of the model will increase by 3,000 to 6,000 yuan.

At the same time, since January 1, 2023, Changan Deep Blue launched a new warranty policy, the three power system (including the extended range system) into the lifetime warranty scope. In addition, for the non-first car owners, the three-electric system (including the extended range system) also enjoys a 10-year or 300,000 km warranty, which is the first time in the industry that the rights and interests of second-hand car users are included in the warranty scope.

In addition, Feifan, Zero Run, Lantu and other new energy vehicle companies have launched a price reduction policy, even if Chang 'an Deep Blue and launched a quality assurance policy, but also failed to recover the deep Blue SL03 delivery decline.

In addition, Changan Deep Blue also announced the upcoming debut of the S7, the second model of the brand and the first SUV of the brand. Like the SL03, it will offer an extended range version and a pure electric version.

(Credit: Galaxy)